Current Opportunities

John Innes Centre
Web Developer

Salary: £16,835 - £17,860

Improve expVIP, PolyMarker and other web resources developed by the lab.

Post: 1003544
Posted: 21 Sep 2018
Closes: 27 Sep 2018
John Innes Centre
Postdoctoral Researchers

Salary: £31,250 - £38,100

Work on a project supported by the European Research Council to achieve a quantitative understanding of how nucleosomes, linker histones, and other chromatin components influence the accurate inheritance of DNA methylation patterns.

Post: 1003543
Posted: 17 Sep 2018

Salary: £31,250 - £38,100

Analyse the role of secondary metabolites in the susceptibility of European ash trees to dieback and other stresses.

Post: 1003520
Posted: 3 Sep 2018
Closes: 1 Oct 2018
NBI Partnership
HR Advisor (Recruitment)

Salary: £24,300 - £27,000

Working closely with another recruitment HR Advisor, the postholder is responsible for managing the complete recruitment process up to the appointment and induction of the new member of staff.

Post: 1003547
Posted: 21 Sep 2018
Closes: 11 Oct 2018